Keep Your Brand In View With Customized Newsletters

Small business owners wear many hats. Each business owner has their own area of expertise, and this is where most of their time is focused. Most business owners are no experts at creating informative, interesting, and engaging newsletters, which means this important marketing and branding tool is often relegated to the end of the to-do list. Until Now – let Duchess Enterprise help get this list off your to-do list and get your valuable information into the hands of your clients and future customers!

The Importance Of A Newsletter

What the small business owner described above fails to realize is that customers need to feel a connection with a business to trigger the thought of the business when they want to make a purchase.

For example, an individual may buy a great product online, but it is not a brand they recognize or see frequently. The next time they need to buy a similar product, they don’t automatically see the brand pop into their mind. If the brand were shown to the consumer on a regular basis in a positive, meaningful way, this automatic link would form.

By creating a custom newsletter with informative, relevant content and consistent branding, the link can be formed effectively. The consumer has an easier time recalling the brand and the products as it is on the top of their mind and the tip of their tongue.

Retaining Clients

In addition to adding to marketing, a customized newsletter also helps to drive existing customers back to your website. Highlighting products in a content-driven way, rather than a hard sell, helps your current customer base see how your products or services are effective at filling a need.

The choice of how this information is presented in both current customer retention as well as in top-of-the-mind marketing. Both work hand-in-hand and, of course, a well-designed newsletter will also be shared, which makes it a great way to reach a wider target audience.

There are terrific services offering customized newsletters tailored to your business and your target audience. This is an ideal way for a business owner to check off one more thing on the to-do list that will have a major impact on branding and marketing now and in the future.

Duchess Enterprise, LLC, offers its clients both print newsletters (100% delivery rate) as well as electronic newsletters, using the powerful Constant Contact platform.