Plane Ride

Take a Plane Ride: I am part of a Great Speaker Line-Up!

I have the privilege of speaking at the Plane Ride, being held this weekend (Saturday and Sunday, March 10th & 11th) at Smartly Spaced (near BWI Airport), but you do not need to be there in person.  You can attend online.   Register now:                        or text the word PLANE to 443-602-8377 

I will be speaking on the topic of “The Fortune is in the Follow-Up” and will be explaining methods of networking and the importance of implementing follow-up systems to turn your contacts into contracts!

For more information, tools and techniques on my follow-up strategies, TEXT the word FORTUNE to 202-800-1866.

The line-up of other speakers can be found at this link:

Other speakers and topics include:

  • Lowell Sheets: The best in the field of Search Engine Optimiztion (SEO) and terrific Video marketer. Want to see the magic of getting on the first page of Google? He will show you the trick. Oh, and by the way — he will do his Magic trick that will simply amaze you.
  • Chris Bridges: Chris Bridges, Speaker, Coach and Author of He Jacked Up My Credit will teach you how to build wealth using other people’s money. She will break down the 5 secrets to get you closer to your 850 score and show you how to live a better life with good credit!
  • Glenn K. Garnes: Best small business adviser in town.
  • Anna Renault: Cancer survivor and definitely a tiger you want to meet.  Pure Dynamite!
  • LaTosha French: Growing your business part time to full time.
  • Umar Hameed: Neurolinguistic programming specialist. Program your brain – Program your life. Hit the autopilot, set it and forget it.

So be sure to register and be part of the Plane Ride – either from the comfort of your own home or with us LIVE at Smartly Spaced!